Cindi Quinn-Ventura

Founder + Instructor


After a hip injury forced me to give up running in 2011, I took up yoga in search of a more flexible and balanced life. Having always been active, finding an exercise that brings me physical strength and mental clarity has been life changing. Before this journey began, I couldn’t even sit cross-legged, now I’m a certified yoga instructor, practice yoga four times a week, and I know over 100 poses!

In exploration of a healthier and happier lifestyle, I’m also diving into the world of essential oils. Using oils has made an immeasurable impact on my life! From decompressing after a long day at the office to getting a refreshing night’s sleep, as I further my education, I’m learning the positive possibilities are truly endless!

Through Aventura Yoga & Wellness, I hope to pass on my knowledge and passion to help those looking to live a healthier lifestyle.